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Information on Moto Morini framenumbers on many (V-twin and single) models 125, 250, 3½ & 500 cc.
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The location of the letter on the engine as mentioned below. This letter can be A, S, K, X, etc.
Early genuine 3½ Sport models also had an "S" stamped at the bottom of the front cylinder on the right-hand side.

Remark: Morinis did not have an engine-number in Italy or many other countries, but just one letter identifying the type of engine.
In case the engine of your bike does have a number, this number was often given by the importer, due to the legislation in the country of registration.

In the Italian magazine "La Moto" of April 1987, the following production numbers of Moto Morini were published:

1973: 2125 1975: 2107 1977: 3621 1979: 3037 1981: 3148 1983: 3661 1985: 2950
1974: 2832 1976: 2947 1978: 2779 1980: 3131 1982: 3144 1984: 3209 1986: 2138
In 1976 Moto Morini had a staff of 115 employees. The factory produced between 10 and 15 motorcycles a day.

The British Morini Riders Club (MRC) also has information on framenumbers on their website.
Follow this link for framenumbers MRC.