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Visit to the autojumble/swap meet in Novegro (Milano), November 2014

Together with friends, your webmaster visited the swapmeet/autojumble in Novegro (Milano), Italy in November 2014.
To give you an idea what to find on such an event I made photo's of the Moto Morini bikes and parts and of course other
interesting 2 wheelers. I missed one particular 'racer', probably because it was too ugly for a photo. I copied the particular
picture from an Italian website.

Note: Click on images for size 800 x 450 pixels.

The loot I brought back: rubber parts, nos diskbrake and centre
stand for Kanguro. Also the correct silver/red cockpit
badge for my Sport

This 11½ is at display in the arrival hall on Linate (Milano) airport!

Closer view of the 11½

Above the entrance of the main hall

Pitty to see such a nice bike in bits

A lot of traders are outside, selling their parts and bikes

A Valentini Kanguro!!
See this page on Valentini

Georgeous bike

This particular Valentini has got a double exhaust/muffler

See the bike's double headlight, typical Valentini

The double exhaust/muffler

A Moto Morini Corsarino model V

Nice 3½ Sport, also saw another one, see below

Moto Morini Camel, mk 3

Corsaro 150

Outside, plenty of room for the many, many stands with bikes, parts

Moto Guzzi Cardellino. Saw many of these

Another Cardellino, with hand- and/or foot gearchange

Below the display was a box with a few parts, not too many

Brandnew Nisa seats (sofa's)  ;-))

125H, up for sale for 1,100 Euro's

Moto Morini Dart 350, asking price was 2,000 Euro's

Another Camel

Guzzi Cardellino

Another one

After a long day, the Italian food tasted very well!


Excellent pizza


A rare Corsaro Regolarita with Corsarino's in the background



A 175cc, but not sure on the model. Not a Settebello

The same seller had another 175cc single

A Bianchi Aquilotto from the 50s. Aquilotto means "Eagle's young'

Moto Morini 125 Sport (2 stroke). This model (1946-1952) was a kind of clone of the famous DKW 125cc

Parts ....

On the rhs photo many head- and taillights of nearly all models. The black cilinder shape item, is an airfilter for Kanguro/Excalibur

Corsaro with the typical Italian covers for the riders legs


This seemed to be a (replica?) engine case for a mighty Gilera Saturno 500cc. Germans call these bikes 'a hammer'. If you've seen/heard one, you know why

Moto Morini fuel tank

An Excalibur


Corsaro, (Veloce?)

Corsaro 125cc, but a very early one


Another Bianchi Aquilotto


Ugly racer, photo from


The only 350cc engine which I spotted

Bianchi Aquilotto

Nice creation indoors

The Aquilotto club indoors

Inside the hall, this was the stand of the 'Amici del Corsarino', or 'friends of the Corsarino'

The orange bike is a late Corsarino V, without rear shocks. This made the bike cheaper in the shop

125H engine

Corsaro 150cc

Rare Briscola 175cc with the swing arm at the
front. The bike was complete and would probably start and run


Extremely rare in the Netherlands, a 50cc 2stroke Moto Morini Dollaro. Very close to this one, there was a 2nd one. Asking prices: 40 Euro and 120 Euro. It should have a silver Dollar coin on the fueltank

A very old 125cc 2 stroke. This one has got a nice patina. The model was built between 1946 and 1952/3. After it, the 175cc 4 stroke was introduced

'Plastic' for the Regolarita's

The 2nd Dollaro


Beautiful Corsaro Regolarita from the mid-60s


3½ Touring from +/- 1978

Extremely well built models

175cc 4 stroke

Replica muffler/exhaust for the Kanguro X and X1. Available again. Costs 250 E, but you can probably
take it home for 220 E

Corsaro 125. This could be a Veloce


Sprockets by the dozen

Yellow submarine, Dart

A very nice 3½ Sport with 2-into-1 Valentini exhaust

According to a notice on the headlight, this bike was done by Dario Rey, a Morini dealer in Ivrea
(North of Turin), designer of many "Specials" and point of reference for many Morinisti in Northern Italy

The 'rear set' on this bike is a home made contraption. A pitty, as extra parts were welded to the frame, which is (too) far from original

The bike also had a nice top-half

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